YAH inspired my Mother to call me on the phone after repeated attempts to reach me by buzzing my door bell just moments (10 minutes) before the yell went out that there was a fire in the building and to get out which saved my life, because I sleep with a breathing machine for sleep apnea, which would have flooded my lungs with smoke and most likely would have killed me before the fire got to me. My building was destroyed and I lost most of my belonging, but he spared my brand new computer that I just purchased 2 days prior by placing a piece of drywall over it to protect it from the fire and water from the fire hoses, along with my grandmothers white chair I just got days before, with another piece of drywall which was laid over it to protect it as well, so he spared me and the things that been the most to me, praise YAH
3/23/2012 12:03:14 am

You had power,knowledge and you could have used to stop the fire or you could have rescued your property but through these we are nothing before our messiah .YAH has power before everything and through faith he will restore and you will have more through Him.

3/25/2012 07:48:41 pm

She that you do not refuse Him who speaks ,whose voice then shook the earth;but now He has promised saying ,yet once more i shake not only the earth, but also heaven;Now this yet once more indicating the removal of those things which cannot be shaken may remain,Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom which cannot be shaken lets have grace ,by which we may serve YAH acceptably with reverence and godly (Hebrews 12;25-28).
The word of Yah shall remain firm and all earthly things shall be put off any time from now ,so through all these we have to be prepared to receive our holy master Yahushua.

3/27/2012 12:30:30 am

Our true master Yahushua saved you from fire because you are a among His chosen people with true scriptures from His bible which will bring salvation to many .Jews first and to the Gentiles.

4/17/2012 11:00:48 pm

1;cor;4;15 For in christ messiah i became your father through the Gospel yahushua wants to turn the hearts of spiritual children, Gentiles believers to the hearts of their spiritual fathers,Jewish believers.
This turning of the spiritual fathers hearts toward their spiritual children happened at the event in boulder emphatically,yahushua used the giving and receiving of the yellow stars to honour Jews, tenderize hearts and begin spitual healing as you are doing now.

4/18/2012 12:03:06 am

Lets look at these message very critically , your life in yahushua and to your computer, your house and to your propheties.In these worldly things like your computer and your house ,you can manage to buy another or build another house through prayer of faith of YAH,when you are save and you stand on faith with the word of YAH to His people;you could have been burned down with all your propheties but YAH had a vision for you through your faith on Him to prepare His people with your full heart in Him for His second coming.Praise YAH.

9/2/2012 11:09:13 am

Fine info dude


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