I have the faith to believe YAH can do anything and because of this faith he has given me, I believe he can heal your sickness and disease, I believe you can do all things through YAH who strengthens you.  I believe the Faith YHWH has given me, is also available to anyone that will trust and ask for it, but faith only comes by having a relationship with your Messiah Yahushua daily, so that the word of YHWH becomes alive within you and it begins to manifest within you and you become a doer of the word.  
This is when you can believe YHWH will do anything you ask, because you abide in him and he abides in you and what you ask will be his will, because your mind has been transformed into his likeness and your desires are his desires for you.  
According to your faith it shall be done, so grow some faith by planting some seed (the word of YAH, water it with prayer and fasting and be patient for harvest time, then harvest your faith fruit.  Then pass it on to others so they can feast on faith with you, through trusting in the scriptures and seeing YAHs hands move to make things happen for you.

Be encouraged God is for you, so who can be against you?  Take your rightful place in the kingdom of God, you are an heir, so begin to act like the royalty God has made you!