One day (11-11-11) it all began for me, when I was caring for a close friends house and animals.  She had went on vacation for 2 weeks and I went to her house daily to care for her animals and while I was there I went into her Hot tub to relax and worship, this is when my understanding of the Word changed for me and became alive as never before.

As I was praying and Worshiping, something happened as I was crying out  wanting more intimacy and understanding of my Savior, my Creator, my God.  I wanted to know him in a new way, a way that was not taught to me by MAN and even what I knew of him through the Bible.

As I was crying out, he came to me and began to reveal truth to me that I have never heard or known before this moment.  During this moment as I was crying out to him, that I wanted to know his voice as David did, where I could know his voice without doubt, so I could do what he was telling me without hesitation and so he could lead me where he wanted me to go and so I would do and say what he wanted me to do and say.

I began to quote scriptures where it says they heard his voice in the wind, the rain and even in the thunder and at this very moment, Rain began to fall and the more I cried out the loader the rain fell and it pounded on the roof so hard that I could no longer hear my voice crying out to him and this is when I heard his voice as never before.

He began to speak to me and stated that his will was for me to write his Biography and share this truth with the World, so they would know the truth about the NAME that truly is above all NAMES.

I began to see visions at the same time as he was speaking to me and I instantly had understanding of things I never knew before and realized there was a great deception, which has been revealed for this very hour in time.

He revealed to me his true NAME, the NAME that is above all NAMES and the NAME in which MANkind is saved and this is a NAME I had never heard before.  So once I felt released to leave and return home, I began to write down what was given to me and then I began a search of this NAME and I was shocked that it was real and that his NAMES have been removed from the BIBLE and replaced with other NAMES and this is why I feel I must share this information with other believers, so they too can know this truth and have the chance to decide for themselves which NAMES they will call upon.

The one thing we must consider is that we serve an awesome God and he Loves us so much, and he wants us to know him so intimately that he becomes our everything.  He wants you to know his true NAMES the NAMES that were given to MANkind from the very beginning and were written thousands of times in the Tankh (Old Testament).

The Word is true, you know him in Spirit and in Truth because you believe his Word, now its time to know the NAMES that were removed from his WORD, which is who he is and now you can put his True NAMES back into his Word,  then his word will come alive to you and you will understand scripture in a hole new way and it will begin to reveal new truths to you, so you too can begin to call on the NAME that belongs to the promises, the promises that if you ask anything in his NAME it shall be done and this Name is YHWH Yahuah to Father 


My name is Pastor Music from Answered Prayer Ministries and I would like to share with the World what Yahushua has done for my Mother. About 6 years ago she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer by Karmonos Caner Institute, which said it was dormant. They wanted to operate, but my mother was unemployed at the time and had state medical assistance, which would not pay for the surgery, so my mother began declaring that Yahushua was going to heal her and did not have the surgery.  In 2007 while she was at her doctors office they did a paps mere and found that the cancer was now active and was sent back to Karmonos Cancer Institute. After having the last test done before surgery as of Tuesday February 20th, 2007 they stated that what ever she had been doing had worked she was now cancer free. Well the only thing that she and many others had done was pray and in Faith believe in the healing power of Yahushua! So, I want the World to know that this was a documented cancer case and now it is documented that there was a miracle that took place. To YAH be all the glory and honor, Praise the name and healing power of Yahushua. I hope this encourages you to believe that Yahushua still heals today and he still care about his children, the Bible is very clear, that it is our Faith in Yahushua and the promise/covenant that we "HAVE BEEN" HEALED by the shedding of his blood, that we receive healing and most importantly salvation, we must ask and believe to receive. If you want to know more about Yahushua and how you can have a personal relationship, go to having a personal relationship with Yahushua along with the teaching on healing. 
He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; by his wounds you have been healed. 1 Peter 2:24
YAH inspired my Mother to call me on the phone after repeated attempts to reach me by buzzing my door bell just moments (10 minutes) before the yell went out that there was a fire in the building and to get out which saved my life, because I sleep with a breathing machine for sleep apnea, which would have flooded my lungs with smoke and most likely would have killed me before the fire got to me. My building was destroyed and I lost most of my belonging, but he spared my brand new computer that I just purchased 2 days prior by placing a piece of drywall over it to protect it from the fire and water from the fire hoses, along with my grandmothers white chair I just got days before, with another piece of drywall which was laid over it to protect it as well, so he spared me and the things that been the most to me, praise YAH
I have the faith to believe YAH can do anything and because of this faith he has given me, I believe he can heal your sickness and disease, I believe you can do all things through YAH who strengthens you.  I believe the Faith YHWH has given me, is also available to anyone that will trust and ask for it, but faith only comes by having a relationship with your Messiah Yahushua daily, so that the word of YHWH becomes alive within you and it begins to manifest within you and you become a doer of the word.  
This is when you can believe YHWH will do anything you ask, because you abide in him and he abides in you and what you ask will be his will, because your mind has been transformed into his likeness and your desires are his desires for you.  
According to your faith it shall be done, so grow some faith by planting some seed (the word of YAH, water it with prayer and fasting and be patient for harvest time, then harvest your faith fruit.  Then pass it on to others so they can feast on faith with you, through trusting in the scriptures and seeing YAHs hands move to make things happen for you.

Be encouraged God is for you, so who can be against you?  Take your rightful place in the kingdom of God, you are an heir, so begin to act like the royalty God has made you!